sister brand of Divine Atelier

the same dress, different stories...

Reimagining the aesthetics of Divine Atelier, Divine Stories proposes versatile outfits, romantic, yet modern dresses that redefine the manner in which civil ceremony and wedding dresses are perceived.

Contemporary alternatives, bohemian and minimalist, made of high-quality natural fabrics, the Divine Stories dresses are the choice of a bride with modern views, who does not feel the pressure of complying with the rules of traditional ceremonies.

The collection comprises chic midi lace dresses, minimalist silk dresses, mini dresses with a delicate, childish feel, jumpsuits with lace details, skirts, pants and separates, the perfect attire for small, but original ceremonies, relaxed weddings or parties on the beach.

The proposed looks have a contemporary vibe that allows them to be styled in various outfits, offering sustainable alternatives and alluding to a new way of regarding wedding dresses.

Created to tell more than one story, the Divine Stories dresses can be further reinterpreted, meeting the brides’ needs to be astonishing on their wedding day, but not only.