The Divine Atelier story is one about dreams, romantic ideals, Bohemian spirit and femininity. It's also about the past years' poetry, our love for art and redefining the look of the wedding dress.

Divine Atelier

The unconventional style, the studied simplicity, the delicate, subtle details of bohemian inspiration, fluidity, freshness and modernity are all the esthetic signature of our brand.

Exploring the beauty & uniqueness of the pictorial lace, using light fabrics and refined accessories, combining the innovation of style with handcrafted techniques, Divine Atelier envisages a modern, free—spirited bride, seductive & natural, a bride who wishes for an atemporal wedding dress, a dress to tell her story, expressing emotions, dreams & aspirations, a dress to fall in love with.

Bringing its own version of bohemian minimalism together with a touch of romanticism, Divine Atelier has become a brand of unique wedding dresses.

Infused with romance and poetry, the dresses reflect the vision of a bohemian, eclectic and sophisticated lifestyle.

The Designer

Inspired by great love stories, by the free-spirited, relaxed style of the 1970s, deeply in love with natural fabrics and ethereal lace, Luminița Coșleacără transposes her aesthetic vision in unconventional wedding dress collections with a well-defined identity, reflected in Bohemian details.
Devoted to the pursuit of creating dresses she herself would wear, dresses meant for contemporary brides, who do not find themselves in the traditional wedding dress standards, she constantly learns and builds with each and every collection a brand that makes the scene due to its unique, minimalist, Bohemian style.
Reinterpreting dress design in a fresh, minimalist approach, the Divine Atelier wedding dresses are fashioned to be worn by creative women who know about trends, passionate about art and travelling, women with a modern view on wedding who prefer relaxed ceremonies on the beach, in nature or other unique locations.
For the past two years, Luminița has had her daughter, Mara, alongside her in the creative endeavors. Although a student at University of the Arts London, Mara joins the team during important moments. Raised in the Divine Atelier universe, her daughter is a valuable aide and a supporter of the Divine Atelier collections.
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The Divine Atelier story began in 2006 in Romania, in the historic centre of Brașov.
Starting from sketches to the final design, everything is created in the workshop of the Divine Atelier brand. Combining the innovative style with artisan techniques, with keen attention to detail, the Divine Atelier dresses are skill—fully crafted by a team of talented, passionate women.
The lighthearted elegance, delicate, studied simplicity and the passion for slow fashion are the aesthetic signature of the brand. Using natural fabrics of excellent quality, with prestigious collaborations in France and Italy, companies that set trends in fabric design, the Divine Atelier dresses mirror the brand philosophy in terms of quality and sustainability.
Followed and appreciated by brides all over the world, who resonate with the Bohemian vision of the brand, the Divine Atelier collections can be tried on in over 50 showrooms in Europe, the North America and Asia.