Redefining and repositioning the wedding dress within the current cultural context, the minimalist, bohemian style, relaxed spirit and femininity are the Divine Atelier aesthetic signature.

Divine Atelier

The brand aims to create a simple, yet sophisticated type of ceremony dress, with a romantic touch and modern feel.

Alternatives to the conventional style, minimalist, but romantic, the Divine Atelier wedding dress collections intend to gradually, yet firmly, rewrite the rules and be part of the change, the change in which we celebrate love and individuality.

Experimenting with each and every collection, the Divine Atelier wedding dresses bring their own contribution to balancing the current discrepancy between fashion trends and bridal collections.

At present, the Divine Atelier collections could be found in over 50 prestigious showrooms all over the world and are gracefully worn by brides everywhere.


Divine Atelier projects their own bride, a bohemian, modern, genuine bride who does neither follow nor accept the conventions of a traditional wedding. Trend—oriented and savvy, the Divine Atelier bride dreams about a different, nonchalant dress, in accordance with modern aesthetics, a dress to highlight distinctiveness and make her feel true to herself.


Our brides are environmentally aware and they inspire us, always making sure we meet their expectations.

Although the wedding dress is not sustainable par excellence, our interest in an environmentally friendly industry integrates the Divine Atelier brand measures and aspirations.

From our standpoint, elegance reflects simplicity and permanence therefore by doing our best to work with fabric producers that respect and comply with ethical standards, using mainly natural materials and artisanal techniques, we respond to the need to change the perception of the wedding dress.

The Designer

In love with art and passionate about fashion, Luminița Coșleacără founded Divine Atelier from a desire to offer minimalist and bohemian alternatives to modern brides.
Experimenting with each collection, she builds a brand that aims to redefine the manner in which wedding dresses are perceived.
Throughout the past years, Luminița has had her daughter Mara alongside her. Completing her studies at University of the Arts London, Mara is gradually taking over the artistic direction of the brand, her fresh and unconventional style defining the aesthetic of the latest collections.
Inspired by the push towards a more sustainable fashion industry, Mara creates dresses with a modern vibration that meet the expectations of a new generation of brides.
Working together, mother and daughter, Luminița and Mara further develop the aesthetic of Divine Atelier, reimagining it every year in bohemian and minimalist collections.
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The Divine Atelier story began in Romania, in the historical centre of Brașov. Starting from sketches to the final design, everything takes place in the brand’s workshop.
The Divine Atelier collections are skilfully completed with keen attention to details by a crew of talented women, passionate about the art of handicraft.
Using top quality fabrics, collaborating with reputable fabric producers in Italy and France, companies that set trends in the field, the Divine Atelier collections mirror the brand’s philosophy regarding quality and sustainability.
Wished for and worn by brides worldwide, the Divine Atelier dresses could be tried on in over 50 showrooms in Europe, the USA and Asia.